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    Part of the New Age series of the Uncanny X Men, this has two story arcs the first involves X 23 and the subsequent efforts by X men, Storm, Nightcrawler, Bishop, Wolverine,Marvel Girl and Sage to avoid Organised Crime revenge and also another backlash against mutants Of course as Wolverine comes up against X 23 there is going to be a good deal of violent and stylish action The art work is an admirable combination of depth, colour and movement, the narrative an intelligent account of the continuing tight wire the X Men are bound to walk in a suspicious and bigoted world Having said that there are themes of sardonic humour running through the tale and apart from a group disposable mutant bashers everyone comes out of it reasonably intact An entertaining way of bringing X 23 into this particular mix.The second and longer tale places the same team tracking a missing and enigmatic Sage, with the aid of the ever remarkable Emma Frost This involves the machinations of the Hellfire Club with Vypre in attendance , a world wide mutant selling ring, vampire witch ghost I lose track Selene, Sunspot and a clutch of independent agenda all blended into a wonderful tale where no one or group or their actions are what they seem I will not go into the narrative in detail for fear of causing a spoiler Some of the highlights are a heart to heart between Nightcrawler and Wolverine, a long time coming confrontation between Emma Frost and Marvel Girl ending in an intelligent resolution and you might say the coming of age of Rachel Summers when her full potential as Marvel Girl is released in a battle against Selene.If like me you are late to the X Men narratives of say the last 35 years and are putting together a collection you will be going to your favourite Marvel reference site just to check on a few references, but that s half the fun of catching up This is recommended for art work and above all stories of exceptional depth.

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    X men

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    good hellfire club story

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